Community Predicts Fall Season

Clash Royale’s Fall CCGS Season is around the corner, and players from around the world are predicting results!  12 winners from the European, Latin American, and North American regions match up against the 4 remaining Spring Season competitors during Elimination Week, with videos being uploaded on the Clash Royale youtube channel on the weekend.  The best 8 out of those 16 will join the Spring Season finalists to form the Fall Season Top 10!


After watching the 12 CCGS Qualifier tournaments, before the Elimination Day bracket was revealed, I made this Top 10 prediction (in no order) on Twitter:

1. @Oxalate_Gaming
2. @McHugh_CR
3. @colton_wall
4. @SirTagCR
5. @ahcraaaap
6. @MusicMaster_123
7. @DiegoB_CR
8. @B_radCR
9. @Tin2Cr
10. @Batman_Cr1

I was really impressed by Tin2 and Batman’s performance in the Spring, and expected them to hold their positions for Fall.  Otherwise I tend to rely on past performance and picked most of the veterans to advance.  My predictions are weak to a hot new upstart (like Oxalate in the Spring) who knocks out some of these legendary players!  Here’s some other Twitter predictions:

Early predictions have Colton, SirTag, Wings, and B-Rad as heavy favorites to advance!  All of these players were razor close to competing in Spring Season, and after months of continued domination it makes sense that the community has high expectations for them.



My initial predictions for Europe, before the bracket was revealed, went like this:

1. @SurgicalGoblin
2. @nemsenpai
3. @RoyalRares
4. @Berin_CR
5. @SokingRcQ
6. @LoayCR
7. @loupanji
8. @iSlaw_eZ
9. @Matt_01CR
10. @DonkeyKong_Cr

Finalists Surgical Goblin and Nemsensei are auto-qualified into the Top 10.  The remaining 8 are hard to pick – there are so many live events in Europe you want to pick those players highly.  However, DonkeyKong last season showed that lack of major live event experience did not predict your success!  Here’s how Twitter predicted:

There’s no shortage of trash talk in the European region.  The clear favorite for the Fall Season is Surgical Goblin.  It remains to be seen whether Spring rivals Nemsensei or Berin can take him down in the Fall, or if new upstart will come for the crown.

One of the favorites to advance are Surg’s clanmate SoKing, who has finished Top 4 at multiple live events this year.  Loay and Loupanji both have tournament resumes rivaling anyone in the region, and Matt01 is a constant terror on the ladder with homebrew decks.

BRACKET REVEAL – How Does It Work?

After days of predicting, the groups were revealed for Elimination Day!  Our predictions can’t all be right because the players will be placed in four pods.  Each pod will contain 1 Spring Season competitor and 3 new bracket winners.  They will play 3 matches (Round Robin) against the other players in their group with the top 2 in each group advancing.  This means the next step is beating the three other players in your group.  Do that – and you’ve advanced into the epic Round Robin Phase 4!

North American

Wow!  So many groups in North America are hard to pick because these elite players can take a game off each other on a good day.  These matches will be hard-fought under the largest stakes of their career – only the mentally strong will survive!  My picks to advance are AhCraaap, Coltonw83, Tag, and MusicMaster!


I felt the European Spring roster represented among the best in the region, and expect several to retain their positions.  Two will advance from each group so we are guaranteed fresh blood, but expect a lot of your favorite Spring players to return.  My picks to advance are Donkey Kong, Loupanji, Soking, and Royal.

Latin American

Latin America has a superstar in Pompeyo that will draw all eyes to Group A.  Group D could turn out to be the strongest, with several notable players joining DarkShadow from Spring season.  Mexico dominated the qualifier week, it will be interesting to see how many make the cut to the Top 10.  My picks for the groups are Pompeyo4, Anthony, Jesus99cr, and Kodigo.

Keep an eye on the Clash Royale youtube channel to see the Elimination Day Battles once they’re uploaded!