Heroes of Top 10 Week 1

Week 1 is in the books!  Let’s go from region to region and find the top performances and decks from across the globe.


Surgical Goblin has had a surreal 2017 so far.  While already a popular and formidable player at the close of 2016, he has spent every month of 2017 separating himself from the pack.  In addition to winning the Spring CCGS Season, he has racked up several live tournament wins, bringing home over 10 grand in earnings during the CCGS off-season.  There is no player on Earth who commanded more respect or bore more expectations.

With the first week in the book, Surgical Goblin stands atop the European leaderboards.  A 3-0 record is best in the region and it was over three Spring challengers.  Match wins over Nemsensei, Berin, and Donkey Kong don’t guarantee him a repeat championship, but its a start.  Week 1 further reinforces the gap between the Spring season Champion and the returning finalists – will one of the newcomers be able to knock Surgical off the peak?

Against Berin, the only person to defeat him in Spring play, Surgical Goblin used a Mortar deck for the Game 3 victory.  A rarely seen archetype, Mortar has a great matchup against the popular Spell Bait decks.  Despite Berin playing Giant-Beatdown with a lot of beef to block the Mortar, Surgical pulled out the last-second victory in Overtime:


A shockingly first week took hold in North America!  Only Oxalate and CMcHugh returned from the Spring season to defend their spots from 8 newcomers.  Some of these players like Colton and B-Rad came in with extensive resumes and high hopes to prove themselves on the biggest stage.

Among these newcomers, Jmonte of Team Repulse alone holds the top spot with 3 match wins.  While not a high profile player prior to this season, the other players held the veteran in great regard.  He secured wins over BernsteinCat, B-Rad, and Trainer Luis with aggressive bans and sound mechanical play.  It remains to be seen how he’ll do against the two returning titans of the NA region, but so far Jmonte looks to be the strongest of the newcomers.

Jmonte used this Balloon cycle deck to take a Game 1 victory over BernsteinCat.  It’s able to punish big investments brutally as a single Balloon is enough to destroy a full health tower:



Adrian Piedra may not have secured the championship last season, but a 2-0 start has him well on his way back to the finals.  Most impressively, Adrian secured a match victory over defending champion Atchiin – his only loss of the day.  After losing to Atchiin in the Spring finals, an early match win gives Adrian the confidence he needs to march to a Fall season championship.

He overcame a bad matchup with X-Bow against Atchiin’s Giant-Bowler deck for the 2-0 match win.  X-Bow hasn’t been as popular in the current landscape, but skilled players still love to pull it out for surprise wins in key matches.  This fast cycling deck always has access to X-Bow when it needs it, and any mistake by your opponent can lead to a downed tower:



Rest of World region is a 3-week double round robin season.  Groups A and B clashed this week for the first time and only one player remained victorious at the day’s end.  Group C’s players are eager to prove themselves, and competition is fierce as ROW covers more land than any other region.

Check out all of ROW’s Week 1 action on BBXH’s Channel

MANLY is a long time tournament grinder, having earned cash finishes in community events over a year ago.  Hailing from Iraq, he hasn’t had opportunities to attend live events like the European players, so CCGS play is supremely important to show off his skills to the world.  Manly defeated one of the favorites in the ROW region TurtwigData with a Three Musketeers deck to seize control of Group A:

Tune in this week on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday for live CCGS play from around the globe!